Policy Debate: Post Covid-19 EU-MENA-Sub Saharan Africa Trade Relations

21 January 2021
Online Event

This event aims to foster evidenced-based policymaking by presenting the main findings and recommendations of the EuroMeSCo Policy Study on Post Covid-19 EU-MENA-Sub Saharan Africa Trade Relations to and audience of EU officials and key policy stakeholders.

This Policy Study is the result of a joint research effort carried out by a multidisciplinary and international group of experts from all over the Euro-Mediterranean region. This Joint Study Group has been coordinated by Katarzyna Sidlo (CASE), with contributions by  Esmat Kamel (MSA) and Hussein Suleiman (ACPSS) and Guillaume van der Loo (EPC/Egmont).

The Policy Debates are small-sized closed-door meetings held under Chatham House rules.


Presentation of the main results of the Policy Study

Katarzyna Sidło Director of the Middle East and North Africa Department CASE – Center for Social and Economic Research


After the initial intervention by the speaker, the floor will be opened to participants in order to debate on the main issues tackled during the presentation.
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