14 June 2021

Euromed Survey 2020 Qualitative Results

Experts and researchers have carefully processed and analysed the answers of the nearly 800 respondents of the EuroMeSCo Euromed Survey, launched in December 2020 coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the Barcelona Process and ahead of the Joint Communication on a Renewed Partnership with the Southern Neighbourhood released last February 2021 by the European Union .

The questionnaire was organised into five thematic blocks including 23 questions on main aspects that were expected to feature in a renewed partnership with the southern neighbourhood which cover various issues of strategic importance.

The consultation was open to the general public, targeting respondents from both the European Union and its Southern neighbourhood, including experts, civil society representatives and policy-makers. This open part was considered of great importance for a Survey of this kind as it contributes to improving the interpretation of its overall results and provides with additional valuable material.

The qualitative report (also available in Arabic), presents in-depth analyses written by experts and policy-makers offering keys to better understand some of the main issues at stake.

Watch the video of the results on our YouTube Channel.

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