The Eastern Mediterranean: New Dynamics and Opportunities for Cooperation

25 April 2018
The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, Jerusalem

On 25 April 2018, a public panel event took place in Jerusalem to present the final results of an international working group led by the Mitvim Institute, in the framework of the EuroMeSCo Network’s ENI Project.

The event featured Dr. Nimrod Goren (Mitvim, Israel), Prof. Panayotis Tsakonas (ELIAMEP, Greece), Dr. Muriel Asseburg (SWP, Germany), Mr. Gabriel Mitchell (Mitvim, Israel), and Ms. Valeria Talbot (ISPI, Italy).

It focused on the need for collective security schemes in the Eastern Mediterranean, the regional effects of natural gas findings in the Eastern Mediterranean, and the war in Syria and its effect on Eastern Mediterranean dynamics.





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