Policy Brief

The Role of Green Bonds in Enhancing Energy Security in Jordan

June 2024


This policy brief aims to provide recommendations for the utilisation of green bonds as a financial instrument in enhancing energy security in Jordan. The brief examines the European Union (EU) green bond market, with a particular focus on the French green bond market, and the European Green Bond Standard (EuGB), including regulatory frameworks and lessons learned to identify key insights and best practices applicable to the Jordanian context. The
subsequent section will provide an overview of the energy landscape in the Mediterranean region, highlighting disparities, and discussing the critical role of green bonds in addressing energy security challenges. This will be followed by an overview of green bonds providing some background, history and types. Then, the brief will explore the French green bond market providing details on the current status, policies and contribution to energy security and comparing it with the current status of the green bond market and potential in Jordan. Finally, the paper concludes with policy recommendations on the utilisation of green bonds in Jordan for energy security.

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