The West Asia-North Africa (WANA) Institute
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WANA - The West Asia-North Africa (WANA) Institute

Mission and objectives

The WANA Institute is a non-profit policy think tank based in Amman, Jordan. The Institute works to promote a transition to evidence-based policy and programming to combat the development and humanitarian challenges facing West Asia and North Africa.

The WANA Institute aspires to be a trusted source of knowledge, evidence and opinion, and to provide a forum for open debate for leading researchers and policy-makers in the region. They undertake research, host conferences and conduct training workshops in the areas of social justice, sustainable development and human security.

Their mission is the empowerment and enablement of the people in the WANA region through: Developing a regional knowledge base to guide policy, programming and discourse to facilitate practical solutions to the challenges facing the region; Creating a stronger compact between civil society, government, the private sector and other stakeholders that drive the social, economic, cultural and environmental conditions necessary to enhance the human security and dignity and opportunity; Convening multi-stakeholder dialogue to facilitate interdisciplinary and shared conceptualisation of regional development challenges

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