Green Recovery and Balancing Between Paradoxes: The Egyptian Holistic Approach to Promote Food Security and Tackle Related Challenges

April 2023


This policy paper discusses the challenges to food security in Egypt, including climate change, water scarcity, global instability, and disruptions to supply chains. The paper argues that a holistic developmental approach is needed to promote food security as part of human development and social justice. The green recovery approach is suggested as a way to achieve inclusive and sustainable development, protect the environment, and tackle climate change.

The paper also examines the gap between strategic objectives and the situation on the ground, and proposes alternative solutions such as promoting self-sufficiency, food sovereignty, rural development, and sustainable agricultural policies under the umbrella of green recovery policies, funds, and investments. The paper highlights the importance of addressing food insecurity in Egypt, as the country heavily relies on food imports, a situation that has worsened since the Russian-Ukrainian war.

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