RSSI-Rabat Social Studies Institute
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RSSI - Rabat Social Studies Institute

Mission and objectives

The Rabat Social Studies Institute (RSSI) is an independent think tank dedicated to research in social sciences in Morocco. It was founded in 2011 by a group of interdisciplinary researchers under the presidency of the late Driss Benali. The RSSI aims at advancing research and promoting interactions between scholars and decision makers through debates and the publication of the results of its research. The main activity of the Institute is to produce scientific analysis and non-partisan evaluations of various cultural, economic, political and social problems that face Moroccan society and contribute to the public debates on these problems. The RSSI advocates open dialogue with the world of academia, policy makers, political leaders and civil society actors.

The main objectives of RSSI are:

  • Bridge the gap between research and policy making
  • Provide independent and in-depth research upon vital political, economic and social issues to the policy
  • Elaborate recommendations in order to assist decision makers in implementing actionable ideas and innovative and efficient policies
  • Raise public awareness and inform civil society actors

The main areas of work of RSSI are:

  • Migration
  • Youth marginality and violence
  • Policies of youth employment
  • Social norms, violence against women and women empowerment
  • Educational reform
  • Political participation and protest actions in Morocco
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