PRIF – Peace Research Institute Frankfurt
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PRIF - Peace Research Institute Frankfurt

Mission and objectives

The Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (PRIF), part of the Leibniz Association, is the largest institute for peace research in Germany. PRIF sets out to analyze the causes of violent international and internal conflicts, carrying out research into the conditions necessary for peace and working to spread the concept of peace. Key topics are international conflicts and their prevention, the role of transnational (violent) actors and the institutionalization of peace orders. The institute was founded in 1970 as an independent foundation under public law and became a member of the Leibniz Association in 2009.

Research on the EuroMed area and the Middle East at PRIF entails a specific focus on conflict prevention and conflict management in various issue fields. It combines case studies of Middle Eastern and Euro-Mediterranean countries with its internationally renowned expertise on international relations, security studies and democratization. Furthermore, as the largest peace research institute in Germany, it provides EuroMeSCo with access to a wide audience of practitioners, politicians and academics in Germany and beyond.

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