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Candid Foundation

Mission and objectives

The Candid Foundation is an independent non-profit institution based in Berlin, Germany. The Candid Foundation draws on a global, inter-disciplinary network of regional experts, comprising political analysts, economists, journalists, media, legal and de-velopment practitioners. A substantial part of this network originated in the pool of contributors and partners of zenith, Germany’s leading media brand on the Middle East, North Africa and the Muslim world.



The Foundation’s activities encompass research and analysis focusing on the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Mediterranean. Candid implements projects that foster intercultural understanding and creative approaches in international development. Many of Candid Foundation´s projects are driven by innovation in media technology.

The organisation runs a tried and tested, well established media outlet which is zenith Magazine and the trilingual website Its subscribers and participants make it one of the largest networks of people in Germany with a focus of interest on the Southern Mediterranean and the Middle East.

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