PISM – The Polish Institute of International Affairs
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PISM - The Polish Institute of International Affairs

Mission and objectives

The Polish Institute of International Affairs is an analytical institution established in 1996. The main task of PISM is to prepare public analysis, expertise and foresight studies of the international environment and processes affecting the Polish position in the world. The institute provides advice, among others, to the Polish government and contributes to wider debate on international relations in Europe and outside.

PISM publishes books, periodicals and documents, organises conferences and runs one of the best specialist libraries in Central Europe. Situated between the world of policy and independent expertise on international affairs, PISM promotes the flow of ideas that inform and enhance foreign policy of Poland. Additionally, PISM organises trainings of personnel performing tasks in the international relations and Polish foreign policy (diplomatic and consular application, Foreign Policy Studies, Training, Courses of diplomatic protocol and language courses).

As part of its MENA programme, PISM monitors the European Neighbourhood Policy, publishes analyses on international relations in the Middle East, regional countries’ foreign policies, and the security environment. It also covers cross-cutting issues such as migration. It organises seminars and conferences focused on the Middle East, North Africa and the Gulf. The institute seeks to expand knowledge about the Mediterranean and the Middle East in Poland and Central Europe.

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