European Neighbourhood Policy Chair, College of Europe – Natolin campus
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European Neighbourhood Policy Chair, College of Europe - Natolin campus

Mission and objectives

At the core of the research and teaching activities of the European Neighbourhood Policy Chair (College of Europe, Natolin campus) is the interdisciplinary engagement with the EU’s foreign policy behaviour vis-à-vis  the sixteen countries that the EU considers its neighbours, as well as with the political, socio-economic, and conflict-related developments in the eastern and southern neighbourhoods themselves.

The Chair is at the heart of the new major in EU Neighbours and the European Neighbourhood Policy, offered at the Natolin campus of the College of Europe in the framework of the European Interdisciplinary Studies programme. Since its inception in 2012, the ENP Chair has organised more than 30 guest lectures, international conferences, and round-tables, featuring invited academics and practitioners.

Some of the events, open to the students of the Natolin campus as well as to the public, have been transformed into prestigious series, the most prominent of which are the Natolin Neighbourhood Ambassadorial Talks and the Natolin Neighbourhood Days. Throughout the years, the ENP Chair has become a centre of academic excellence. This is reflected in the many books, research articles, book chapters and policy papers that it has published in prominent outlets.

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