MEDAC - Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies

Mission and objectives

The Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies (MEDAC) at the University of Malta is an institution of higher learning with a main focus on the Mediterranean region. It offers advanced (Masters) degrees in Diplomatic Studies, as well as in Conflict Resolution and Mediterranean Security (jointly with George Mason University). For more than 25 years, MEDAC has been training young diplomats and students from the Mediterranean region and beyond. MEDAC has an active alumni body which now comprises some 700 diplomats and experts from around the region.

As the only existing regional diplomatic academy, MEDAC seeks to promote confidence as well as a better understanding among future decision makers of the key challenges affecting the Mediterranean region. In addition to its educational programs, the Academy also actively participates in numerous academic, research and outreach activities with a particular focus on the Mediterranean region. The main focus of its research activities in recent years has been on regionalism, security issues, migration as well as human rights in the Mediterranean region.

MEDAC has a multinational permanent staff hailing from Malta, Switzerland and Germany, in addition to numerous associated experts from the Mediterranean region.