ITES – Institut tunisien des études stratégiques
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ITES - Institut tunisien des études stratégiques

Mission and objectives

Created as a public institution, the Tunisian Institute for Strategic Studies, headquartered in Tunis, assumes a mission of research, study, analysis as well as short and long-term prospecting on all questions pertaining to events and developments at the national and international levels, which are likely to be related to the process of development of Tunisian society in all the political, economic, social and cultural fields; the aim being to explain these issues and anticipate their evolution.

The aim of the Tunisian Institute for Strategic Studies is to: Establish links with similar institutes around the world, hold international conferences and workshops and take part in joint research projects; Create a strategic forum for experts and scholars to debate pressing issues impacting Tunisia an international community; Provide support to decision makers through its thoroughly researched policy papers; Conduct strategic research in major areas of domestic and foreign policy.

ITES monitors and conducts research on the latest political, economic, social, informational, national security and military issues and developments which might have implications on Tunisia domestic and international policy, namely: water, international trade, and domestic issues related to economic policies, labour market organization, population structure.

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