CAWTAR – Center of Arab Women for Training and Research
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CAWTAR - Center of Arab Women for Training and Research

Mission and objectives

The Center of Arab Woman for Training and Research (CAWTAR) was created in 1993 in response to the request of a number of Arab governments and civil society organizations and institutions. CAWTAR is dedicated to working in a region where women and men are equal in rights and in practice, where gender gaps have been overcome and where women and men can participate equally in achieving prosperity.

CAWTAR´s mission is to eradicate discrimination against Arab women and reduce gender gaps by promoting research, education, training and advocacy in all areas of life that affect the status of women, and to carry our message to policy makers, researchers, activists and local communities alike.

The main objectives are: to empower women and promote gender equality and to reduce gender gaps as a means of achieving sustainable development in the Arab Region.

CAWTAR facilitates the gender mainstreaming and contributes to deepen the knowledge of the Arab region on topics such as: Media, Globalization and Economic participation, Decision-Making, migration, Gender Based Violence Network, Gender & Water, Financial Education, CAWTAR clearing house.

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