IRMO – Institute for Development and International Relations
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IRMO - Institute for Development and International Relations

Mission and objectives

The Institute for Development and International Relations (IRMO) is a public, non-profit, scientific and policy research institute, engaged in the interdisciplinary study of European and international economic, political, cultural relations and communication. Founded in 1963 by the University of Zagreb and the Croatian Chamber of Commerce as the Africa Research Institute, the Institute has changed its name several times, reflecting the changes in scholarly focus.

The fundamental mission of the Institute is developing and disseminating theoretical, methodological and technical knowledge and skills required for the scientific and professional interpretation and evaluation of contemporary international relations which affect various human activities and related developmental trends important for the Republic of Croatia. Development tendencies are observed in the local, regional, European and global context. The Institute has 44 employees out of which 16 are tenured academic staff and 7 are doctoral or postdoctoral researchers.

In addition to their scholarly work, members of the Institute frequently conduct scholarly and consultancy projects, hold positions of public office and share their expertise in international, national and local media. Since 1995 the Institute has been publishing the Croatian International Relations Review (CIRR), a scholarly journal focusing on political science, law, sociology and economics, published in English, and currently indexed by Scopus and over 30 other services.

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