EMEF – Euro-Mediterranean Forum
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EMEF - Euro-Mediterranean Forum

Mission and objectives

EMEF conducts research studies and analyses, develops policy proposals, advocates and promotes Croatia’s role in the Mediterranean with objectives to help Croatia apply modern standards and technologies, support high value added production and invest in knowledge, science and innovation and use of renewable energy sources.

As a link between the Mediterranean and Central Europe, Croatia must be more involved in Mediterranean and regional cooperation/integration that respects political equality and fair-play. EMEF facilitates that process and develops plans based on the monitoring and understanding of Euro-Mediterranean political/economic tendencies.

EMEF´s main objectives are: rethinking political processes and economic transition on eastern and southern shores of the Mediterranean and Eastern Adriatic; recognising and defining national interests of Croatia related with Adriatic and Mediterranean potentials and issues; bottom-up approach to policy-making processes and participatory democracy that includes experts, scientists, think-tanks, SMEs and CSOs; civil participation in establishing a stimulating environment for new policies: political will, favourable legislation and precise procedures.

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