FMES – Institut méditerranéen des hautes études stratégiques
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FMES - Institut méditerranéen des hautes études stratégiques

Mission and objectives

FMES is a center for training, consulting, research and debate in the fields of defense, management of risks, security and intelligence strategy in the Euro-Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and African spaces, both land and maritime. The aim of FMES is to provide knowledge, stimulate and animate the reflections and actions in those fields of civilian and defense national authorities and companies. FMES also strives to disseminate its thoughts and ideas within the countries of the European Union and the countries concerned by its research activities.

The main activities of FMES Institute include training, consulting, organization of events and public lectures, allowing its members to better understand the geopolitical realities in the Mediterranean and the Middle East, carrying out research, publishing and disseminating publications.

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