Centre arabe de recherches et d’études politiques de Paris
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CAREP Paris - Centre arabe de recherches et d’études politiques de Paris

Mission and objectives

The Arab Center for Research and Political Studies in Paris (CAREP Paris) is an independent association for research in the humanities and social sciences, which is not affiliated with any political party or religious organization.
The centre was created in 2018 under the French association law of 1901. Although independent, they are working in close cooperation with the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies (ACRPS) in Doha.

The CERAP works in the field of humanities and social sciences and their objectives are to contribute to the production and dissemination of scientific knowledge both, from and on the Arab world, by offering original and situated analysis of major stakes in the region; to create a centre of expertise on the Arab world that brings together not only European researchers in social sciences and humanities but also promotes the active involvement and participation of the Arab scientific community; and to create a place open to dialogue and reflection that will host many scientific and cultural events.
In order to implement these missions, the CAREP Paris puts in place a variety of activities, which range from research to policy analysis and webinars.

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