Information and Decision Support Center
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IDSC - Information and Decision Support Center

Mission and objectives

The IDSC is the main information provider and supporting organization of the Egyptian cabinet, it has been playing a pivotal role in transforming decision support systems in Egypt which entails  undertaking several tasks parallelly, such as providing various kinds of information services and other day-to-day support to the Cabinet’s undertakings, ICT services to government agencies, involvement in crisis and disaster management, conducting public opinion measurements, research papers, in addition to analytical and policy assessment activities. the IDSC with its diversified unique structure had an indispensable role in shaping Egypt’s information infrastructure, and promoting information technology in various parts of Egypt.

IDSC is tasked to regularly perform decision support studies for the Egyptian Prime minister, the latest of which took place last week, as we presented his excellency with a study that was assigned to us, discussing the challenges facing the private sector in Egypt.

They work is to bridge the gap between the researchers and policy-makers, and to respond promptly to various policy questions, ad-hoc analyses, reviews of possible courses of action including the provision of innovative technology platforms, this is done through their various decision support mechanisms, including the Central Operations Room for Crises Management in the IDSC’s head office, the establishment of the National Emergency System (NEMS), IDSC’s telecommunication and IT facilities, the Survey Center and utilizing the best cutting edge AI technology to transform and create new digital platforms that can vie with the latest developments.

The IDSC field of research are Political and Strategic Studies; Economic Studies; Sustainable Development; Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transformation; and Crises Management.


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