IFRI – Institut français des relations internationales
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IFRI - Institut français des relations internationales

Mission and objectives

IFRI is the principal institution for independent research and debate in France that is dedicated to the analysis of international affairs and global governance. Ifri’s policy-oriented research strives to shed light on international facts and put them into perspective. Its productions are primarily directed at political and economic decision-makers as well as academics, opinion leaders, and civil society representatives.

The Middle East and North Africa Programme at IFRI aims to provide expertise on the trends and developments in politics, societies and economies across the region. The programme has the following objectives: Propose a new approach towards the MENA region through an analysis of local, regional and international dynamics with the potential to guide and influence new policies; Highlight the role of foreign powers which have traditionally been present in the region and analyse the new role taken on by emerging countries; Anticipate new directions and outlooks in each country; Interpret risks and potential and put forward new templates for analysis.

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