IFAT – The Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade
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IFAT - The Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade

Mission and objectives

The goal of the Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade is to help to solve those significant challenges that every society encounters when going through change: how to develop a consistent foreign policy whilst encouraging free and open debate about it so as to broaden the views and understanding of decision makers, scholars and other interested parties.

The aim of this small, but enthusiastic, researcher community, is to produce rigorous academic analyses of current events and foreign affairs.

The research teams specialise in different regions.  By examining other countries, both near and far, the Institute is in a good position to supply information about what is and what should affect Hungarian foreign policy as well as fostering co-operation between scholars, in particular those from Central and Eastern Europe.

The IFAT follows the priorities of Hungarian foreign policy, therefore, the Euro-Med is studied mainly in the framework of Hungarian membership within the EU.

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