IDOS – German Institute of Development and Sustainability
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IDOS - German Institute of Development and Sustainability

Mission and objectives

The German Institute of Development and Sustainability (IDOS) is one of the world’s leading research institutions and think tanks for global sustainable development. IDOS works to establish partnerships and shape policy for the global common good by conducting theory-led, empirical inter- and transdisciplinary research, providing evidence-based policy advice, supporting early-career researchers, and delivering professionally-focused training.

The Institute bridges the gap between theory and practice. Employing some 200 members of staff, IDOS collaborates with research, civil-society, political and private-sector institutions from around the world as part of effective international networks. The Institute is headed by Prof. Anna-Katharina Hornidge. IDOS is a member of the Johannes Rau Society.

The MENA Project at IDOS covers the following four research questions:

  • The  Middle  East  and  North  Africa  in  global politics
  • A new social contract (Egypt, Morocco, Jordan)
  • Repositioning the MENA countries in the global economy
  • Future cooperation with the MENA region
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