ECFR – European Council on Foreign Relations
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ECFR - European Council on Foreign Relations

Mission and objectives

ECFR is an award-winning international think-tank that aims to conduct cutting-edge independent research; provide a safe meeting space for policy-makers, activists and intellectuals to share ideas; we build coalitions for change and promote informed debate about Europe’s role in the world. In 2007, ECFR’s founders set about creating a pan-European institution that could combine establishment credibility with intellectual insurgency. Now in its 10th year, ECFR is uniquely placed to continue providing a pan-European perspective, with our network of national offices in seven European capitals and over 60 staff from more than 25 different countries.

ECFR’s activities include primary research, publication of policy reports, private meetings and public debates in European capitals, and outreach to strategic media outlets. ECFR’s European Power programme aims to help Europeans develop policy responses to the issues affecting the EU’s capacity to act on the global scene, while ECFR’s geographic programmes aim to help Europeans to develop coherent and consistent foreign policy strategies in the Middle-East and North Africa, Asia, and Wider Europe.

ECFR’s MENA programme places a priority on generating timely, informed and provocative analysis in order to tackle the drivers of political tension, instability and potential violence in a highly volatile region. In doing so, ECFR MENA focuses on offering analysis, input and policy ideas for Europe to develop a joint and more effective approach to the countries of North Africa and the Middle East.

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