Sahel and Security in the Mediterranean

26 October 2017

The Carnegie Middle East Center hosted w workshop in Beirut on the main challenges affecting the Sahel region and the stability of the Mediterranean region.

Members of the research group, coordinated by Dr Dalia Gahem-Yazbeck, El Erian Fellow at Carnegie Middle East, presented their initial research findings on the growing jihadist threat, the impact on Algeria as well as the role of the country in the region, the effectiveness of foreign interventions and finally challenges related to climate and demographic trends

The workshop was organised in the framework of the EuroMeSCo ENI Project, co-financed by the EU and the IEMed.


Mohanad Hage Ali Director of Communication Carnegie Middle East Center
Dalia Ghanem Senior Analyst Middle East and North Africa EU ISS – European Union Institute for Security Studies
Yahia H. Zoubir Professor in International Relations, Director of Research in Geopolitics KEDGE Business School
Astrid Viaud Visiting Researcher Center for European Policy Studies
Raquel Barras Tejudo Researcher Research Unit on Security and Cooperation
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