22 March 2016 Migrants and Refugees. Impact and Future Policies
  • 22 March 2016
  • Amman

Protracted conflicts, climate and demographic changes as well as declining socio-economic conditions have resulted in a massive unprecedented refugee crisis. Three countries in the Southern Mediterranean region – Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey, and one European country – Greece, have been the main recipients of this stream of refugees.

Some findings on the social, economic and political challenges resulting from the influx and faced by those countries have been presented in an event held by the Center for Strategic Studies in Amman. The presentation marked the end of the one year research group on “Migrants and Refugees: Impact and Future Policies. Case studies of Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and Greece”, run in the framework of the EuroMeSCo ENI Project, co-financed by the European Union and the European Institute of the Mediterranean.

The following publications have been published in the framework of this group:

Migrants and Refugees. Impact and Policies. Case Studies of Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Greece. By Musa Shteiwi (Ed.), Ahmet Bayaner, Lydia Bolani, Gulden Bölük, Şukru Erdem, Berta Fernández, Eda Gemi, Roderick Pace, Francesca Ruisi, Dimitris Skleparis

How Can the EU Border be Better Managed? By Xavier Aragall

The Migration Crisis: Issue or Opportunity? By Anna Di Bartolomeo




Musa Shteiwi Director, Center for Strategic Studies
Berta Fernández Visiting Senior Lecturer, Institute for European Studies
Gülden Bölük Associate Professor, Vice Director, Senior Researcher CREM – Centre for Economic Research on Mediterranean Countries
Dimitris Skleparis Research Fellow, ELIAMEP - Hellenic Foundation for European & Foreign Policy