Politics of Recognition and Denial. Minorities in the MENA Region

22 May 2018
European Union Institute for Security Studies, Paris

On 22 May 2018, a public panel event took place in Paris to present the final results of an international working group led by Salam Kawakibi, President of Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies – Paris.

The event featured Paolo Maggiolini (ISPI, Italy), Georges Fahmi (EUI, Egypt), Said Bennis (CRESS, Morocco), Maha Abdelhamid (ARI, Tunisia), and Lurdes Vidal (IEMed, Spain).

It focused on the origin and development of the idea of “minority” in the Middle East and North Africa region. Furthermore, three case studies were examined: Amazighs in Morocco, Christians in Syria, as well as black people in Tunisia.




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