Policy Brief

Youth Deliberation and Participation in the Euro-Mediterranean Region: Recommendations for a Responsible Approach to Enhancing Artificial Intelligence and Frontier Digital Technologies

May 2023


The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into deliberative participatory processes holds great potential for enhancing youth engagement and promoting active global citizenship. However, the adoption of AI-powered technologies also raises significant technical, security, political, and ethical challenges that require attention. This policy brief addresses the imperative need to tackle these challenges as we embrace a more digital world. With the European Union (EU) actively developing the Artificial Intelligence Act, there is an opportunity for the EU to assume a global norm-setting role and establish legal frameworks and safeguards against AI threats and challenges.

Responding to the call by the Council of the European Union to explore innovative digital tools for enhancing youth participation in governance, Alessandro Lamonica focuses on the Euro-Mediterranean region and offers a thoughtful examination of AI’s current and future role. It provides practical suggestions for EU and Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) policy-makers to empower Euro-Mediterranean youth in three key areas: education, engagement, and research.

Despite the pivotal role of youth participation in addressing contemporary challenges, young individuals in the EU and wider Euro-Mediterranean region often face exclusion from decision-making processes. In the Southern Mediterranean region, youth unemployment, social exclusion, and political instability have fueled disillusionment and disengagement. In the EU, rising inequalities, economic crises, and declining civil society further hinder the potential of young people. Efforts to empower Euro-Mediterranean youth must prioritise bridging these gaps and fostering an environment conducive to active participation. By leveraging AI technologies, policymakers can enhance educational opportunities, create meaningful avenues for engagement, and promote research and innovation. This policy brief provides recommendations aimed at promoting inclusive youth participation, driving positive change, and ensuring a prosperous future for the Euro-Mediterranean region.

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