Policy Brief

Walking the Tightrope: The Ukrainian Crisis Through the Eyes of Africa

March 2023


This policy brief analyses the effects of Russian economic and political influence in Africa and its response to the Ukrainian crisis, with a particular focus on North Africa. It highlights the economic and political connections that have shaped Africa’s perspective on the Ukrainian crisis. The research utilised a historical analysis that examines significant events that led African governments to adopt policies that tend to favour the Russian side, including neutrality or direct support for Russia. The paper discusses the dimensions of Russian influence on African states’ comprehensive national security, particularly regarding food security and armaments. The research model explores the historical background of the anti-Western and American waves in North Africa and how it has influenced African countries’ handling of the Ukrainian crisis. Additionally, the paper offers a tripartite framework for examining the Russian geopolitical influence in the region, which includes military and armament dimensions, infrastructure investment, and food security.

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