VI YOUNG RESEARCHERS FORUM – Bridging Divides: Exploring Youth Approaches to Conflict Resolution in the Changing Euro-Mediterranean Region

October 2023


This year’s edition of the Euromed Young Researchers Forum was about “Bridging Divides: Exploring Youth Approaches to Conflict Resolution in the Changing Euro-Mediterranean Region.” The changing global landscape has profoundly impacted conflicts and conflict resolution mechanisms in the Euro-Mediterranean region. The current dynamic geopolitical environment is characterized by shifting power dynamics, the emergence of new conflicts, and the ascent of influential actors. Traditional alliances and power structures are being tested, triggering intensified competition for resources and influence, which has created fertile ground for conflicts to arise or escalate in the Euro-Mediterranean region. These conflicts are shaped by a new paradigm of warfare and security, with hybrid conflicts including cyber warfare and disinformation campaigns becoming increasingly prevalent.

The evolving nature of conflicts in the region requires innovative and adaptable approaches to conflict resolution and security strategies in order to effectively address the complex challenges arising from the changing global landscape. With the emergence of new conflicts and shifting dynamics, traditional approaches alone are insufficient to tackle the intricate interconnections of these conflicts. In this context, technology has provided valuable opportunities for the development of innovative conflict resolution mechanisms. New dynamics of conflict resolution have already started emerging, with external powers such as China presenting themselves as mediators, or with Lebanon and Israel reaching ground-breaking agreements.

As the world continues to evolve, the Euro-Mediterranean region must navigate these geopolitical shifts while striving to find sustainable and inclusive solutions to conflicts that arise in this dynamic environment. For this reason, the VI Euromed Young Researchers Forum invited young researchers to explore new types of conflicts in the Euro-Mediterranean region and the innovative approaches that young people can bring to conflict resolution. The Forum brought together a diverse range of young researchers and practitioners to share their insights and experiences, fostering a collaborative and interdisciplinary dialogue on conflict resolution and peacebuilding in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

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