Policy Brief

Towards Improved Green Hydrogen Communication Strategies in the Mediterranean: Bridging North-South Cooperation Dynamics

June 2024


This policy brief addresses the imperative need for improved communication strategies to facilitate the widespread adoption of green hydrogen (GH) technologies in the Mediterranean while bridging north-south cooperation dynamics. The Mediterranean region, characterised by its diverse economic, social and environmental landscapes, stands to benefit significantly from the development and adoption of GH technologies. However, presently today, effective communication on GH between northern and Southern Mediterranean (SM) countries is at an embryonic stage due to isolated national strategies that are being developed excluding the interconnection potential at a supranational level. This policy brief examines the challenges and opportunities associated with overcoming communication barriers between the north and south of the Mediterranean to create strong synergies revolving around GH deployment and energy security in the region, focusing on two countries in the northern Mediterranean, France and Spain, and two in the south, Algeria and Morocco. Several factors contribute to the complexity in the development of effective communication strategies in the region, including wide economic disparities, public awareness and regulatory uncertainty.

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