Policy Brief

Introducing the New Generation of Social Cohesion Advocates in Egypt

March 2023


This policy Brief addresses the impact of the Ukrainian crisis on social cohesion and misinformation, and its consequences for vulnerable groups and key supporters. It highlights the increasing concern about hate speech and disinformation, exacerbated by emerging technologies, which has led to negative consequences on youth wellbeing. Despite the negative impact of the crisis on many countries, including Egypt, the war in Ukraine provides a unique model for uniting people from different cultures, races, and genders to fight for the rights of vulnerable groups. Zeinab Anwar aims to shed light on the key contributions of youth clubs established by international organisations in Egypt to social cohesion and fighting misinformation, and to explore possible pathways to support these youth structures. The brief provides policy-related recommendations for the EU and other policymakers in Egypt to strengthen the action delivered by youth clubs to support the next generation of youth advocates for harmonious coexistence in Egypt. The analysis is based on a qualitative research approach that includes key informant interviews with management staff leading the establishment and maintenance of youth clubs and youth representatives from different youth clubs/groups supported by international and local organisations in Egypt.

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