Europe, the Mediterranean and the Arab Spring: Crisis as an Opportunity

October 2012


The Mediterranean region is going through one of its most important transformations of modern times. The rise of new leaderships, the emergence of democracies and the persistence of violent conflicts represent a major challenge in one of the most dynamic regions of the world.

Against this backdrop, the Euro-Mediterranean political research community met in Barcelona to hold the EuroMeSCo Annual Conference 2012.

The present report summarizes the debates of the conference. The report starts with an account of roundtable sessions, which focused on what economic policies should be implemented to promote development in the region and on the need for engagement with new economic, social and political actors.

Three parallel working sessions explored the internal dynamic in countries of the Arab Spring and the role of civil society, the geostrategic consequences of the Arab Spring, and, finally, the role of supranational and international institutions to promote Euro-Mediterranean relations, including the Union for the Mediterranean.

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