EuroMeSCo Multistakeholders Platform – Fostering Understanding: Communication, Perceptions and Narratives in Euro-Mediterranean Relations

May 2024


This report summarizes the EuroMeSCo Multistakeholders Platform held in Brussels on May 16 2024, focusing on communication, perceptions, and narratives in Euro-Mediterranean relations. Key discussions highlighted the importance of strategic communication and multi-stakeholder engagement to counter misinformation and foster dialogue. Experts emphasized the evolving perceptions of the EU amidst geopolitical shifts, underscoring the need for credible messaging and addressing policy failures.

The platform noted the critical role of civil society, particularly youth, in shaping narratives and the significance of direct engagement with audiences. Innovative communication strategies were advocated, including emotional resonance, cultural sensitivity, and leveraging diaspora communities. Collaborative efforts in investigative journalism and fact-checking were highlighted as essential for combating misinformation.

Debates underscored the need for a consistent communication strategy, the importance of historical context, and fostering mutual respect in Euro-Mediterranean partnerships.

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