Policy Brief

Between Promise and Peril: Digitalised Migration in the Euro-Mediterranean Region

March 2022


How does the digital transition shape migration governance in the Euro-Mediterranean region? Which risks and opportunities require special attention? Answering such questions is of utmost importance for policy-makers on both shores of the Mediterranean to make informed decisions. While digital tools provide significant opportunities for both migrants and governments seeking to shape new migration policies, they also imply risks that have to be taken into account by policy-makers and scholars.

In this Policy Brief, Luca Miehe first offers a panorama of European Union (EU) external migration governance vis-à-vis the countries of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). He then provides an overview of risks presented by digitised migration in the Euro-Mediterranean region. These include, among others, surveillance, misinformation, and the weaponisation of real-time migration data for political ends. On this basis, the Policy Brief proposes actionable recommendations addressed to European member states and EU institutions.



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