Policy Brief

An India-Middle East-Europe Corridor for Peace: The EU’s Role in Transforming a Grand Announcement into an Inclusive Forum

January 2024


Announced at the 2023 G20 New Delhi Summit, the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor (IMEC) signalled a new momentum in global connectivity geopolitics. Less than a month later, war erupted on the Middle East’s Mediterranean shores, destroying the status quo exactly where a maritime connection to Europe was planned. Despite the perceived hopelessness of the situation, shelving IMEC would be a mistake. Whereas the peace table is quasi deserted at the time of writing, IMEC provides a rare multilateral basis for dialogue. Its parties know that their shared interests – resilient and efficient supply chains – will only be within reach when political and armed violence is overcome. Redoing the diplomatic homework is therefore unavoidable.

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