Addressing the Intergenerational Tension in a Rapidly Changing Climate: A Case Study of the MENA Region Young Professionals Group (YPG) and Policy Recommendations

June 2023


This policy paper presents a case study analysis of the Young Professionals Group (YPG) in the MENA region, a network of 40 young environmentalists who worked together from 2018-2021. The YPG aimed to address the social, economic, environmental, and political challenges in their communities, driven by a shared vision of equality, freedom, and social justice. The authors highlight the importance of bridging intergenerational tensions within the environmental movement, as these tensions can hinder the effectiveness of climate programmes. By understanding and addressing generational differences, incorporating diverse perspectives, and promoting effective cross-generational communication, the paper emphasises the need for cohesive and powerful intergenerational collaborations. The findings from the YPG case study serve as an invitation and guide for future partnerships and engagement to mitigate and manage climate change impacts in the MENA region.

The analysis of the YPG case study reveals the significance of creating spaces for effective cross-generational communication and understanding. It highlights the importance of older activists understanding the motivations and concerns of younger activists, while also valuing and incorporating the ideas and perspectives of the younger generation. By fostering trust, respect, and mutual recognition, intergenerational tensions can be transformed into productive collaborations within the environmental movement. This paper calls for the establishment of inclusive platforms that facilitate intergenerational dialogue, knowledge sharing, and joint decision-making processes, thereby strengthening the movement’s capacity to address the pressing climate challenges faced by conflict zones like the MENA region. Through continued partnership and engagement, a powerful and united front can be formed to achieve meaningful and sustainable climate action.

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