AC22 | Euromesco Multistakeholder Dialogue Platforms: Combatting Corruption and Fostering Accountability

March 2023


The EuroMeSCo Multistakeholder Dialogue Platforms, held within the EuroMeSCo Annual Conference on Social Justice and Inclusiveness in the Mediterranean, focused on Combatting Corruption and Fostering Accountability from the perspectives of the business sector and civil society representatives. The objective was to promote inclusive and fair societies by addressing corruption and strengthening accountability mechanisms. Corruption undermines trust in systems, hampers economic progress, and contributes to deficiencies in public services. The EU’s New Agenda for the Mediterranean reaffirms the importance of the rule of law, democracy, and good governance in building stable, inclusive, and prosperous societies. The fight against corruption and the promotion of modern and accountable public institutions are key priorities in the Euro-Mediterranean partnership.

The Business Platform and Civil Society Platform, brought together think tanks, experts, civil society representatives, private sector actors, and policymakers to analyse anti-corruption policies, accountability mechanisms, and public administration reforms. The Business Platform explored opportunities for private sector cooperation in promoting business integrity and transparency, while the Civil Society Platform focused on civil society’s role in monitoring reforms and ensuring service delivery, accountability, and transparency.

Organised by the European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed) as part of the EuroMeSCo: Connecting the dots project, co-funded by the European Commission, these platforms aimed to foster collaboration among diverse stakeholders and strengthen connections between the EU, Southern Neighbours, and the wider region.

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