31 May 2024

Warm welcome to new members

During the network’s General Assembly on 17 May, the EuroMeSCo network welcomed three new organisations: ECCO, Eco-union, and Social Inquiry, enhancing its expertise in climate action, sustainability, and conflict resolution.

ECCO is Italy’s pioneering independent, non-profit climate change think tank, founded in 2021. Its mission is to drive significant climate action in Italy and globally by developing science-based climate solutions and strategies. ECCO focuses on strategic communication, advocacy, and diplomacy to influence climate and energy policies.

Eco-union is dedicated to promoting socio-ecological sustainability in Europe and the Mediterranean. As a non-profit, it engages in research, policy development, training, and advocacy to support a green and inclusive economy. Eco-union aims to inspire an environmental culture and create agents of change across various sectors.

Social Inquiry was established in 2017 in Iraq and recently expanded to Barcelona. This research institution aims to enhance public policies addressing governance, civic trust, and inequality in conflict-prone areas. By combining interdisciplinary research with deep contextual knowledge, Social Inquiry works to improve peacebuilding efforts.

The addition of these organisations to EuroMeSCo highlights the network’s continuous dedication to addressing global challenges through collaborative approaches. Welcome!

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