5 November 2019 The Yemeni Government and the Southern Transitional Council reach a peace agreement

The internationally recognized Government of Yemen and the Southern Transitional Council (STEC) reached an agreement on 5 November in Riyadh to stop the infighting between the two factions, building upon the initial one agreed on 25 October. The deal calls for the formation of a new cabinet within 30 days where both northerners and southerners will be equally represented. The Saudi initiative aims to reunite back the two factions to present a united front against the Houthis. The deal takes place amid divergences between the Saudis, backing the Yemeni Government, and the Emiratis, which back the southern rebels and whose military presence in the country has reduced since June.  The EU has positively reacted to the agreement, considering it “an important step towards de-escalation and peace for Yemen and for the region” and calls the warrying parties to resume the negotiations under the auspices of the UN. Other actors have praised the agreement, including Kuwait’s Emir Sabah Al Ahmad, the UN envoy Martin Griffiths, the League of Arab States, the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation, the Gulf Cooperation Council as well as Egyptian President Abdelfattah al-Sisi and Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi.