13 November 2018 The number of migrant arrivals to Malaga increases

On 13 November, 198 persons, among which 4 kids, were rescued by Spanish Sea Rescue as they were sailing the Alboran Sea trying to reach Spanish coasts. With them, 500 migrants have already arrived in similar conditions to Malaga, Spain, so far in the month of November. As the San Roque centre for the temporary reception of foreigners is completely overcrowded, Malaga’s public administration has ceded booths from the Malaga Fair to host migrants, a situation that several humanitarian NGOs have denounced, pointing out to “indecent” conditions. As sea routes are evolving as a result of changing political circumstances, the number of arrivals in this area of Spain is increasing considerably; since the beginning of the year, there have been more than 7000 immigrants arriving in this province, almost three times as many as the previous year.