1 February 2017

Support for mobility among researchers of EuroMeSCo members

  • 1 February 2017

In January 2017 the IEMed and EuroMeSCo have launched a new program “Support for mobility among researchers of EuroMeSCo members” whose objective is to promote the mobility of researchers affiliated to the member institutes of the network. Following the first call for proposals submitted under this programme, it was decided that IEMed and EuroMeSCo would support the organisation of the following workshops:

· Security Sector Reform in the Southern Neighborhood, to be held in Brussels on 19 May, organised by European Union Institute for Security Studies

· The Trump Administration and the Mediterranean: What to Expect, What to Advise, to be held in Genoa on 5-7 June, organised by German Marshall Fund

· From Democratic Transition to Democracy Learning: Towards a Paradigmatic Turn in Democratisation Studies, to be held in Rabat on 28-30 September, organised by Centre for Studies and Research in Social Sciences