18 December 2018 Russia, Iran and Turkey meet at the UN to discuss the Syrian Constitutional Committee

On Tuesday 18 December at the UN headquarter in Geneva, Russian, Iranian, and Turkish Foreign Affairs Ministers met for talks on the composition of a Syrian constitutional committee ahead of Syrian general elections. Staffan de Mistura, UN special envoy for Syria, who announced his dismissal in October, considers that the constitutional committee is the starting point for political progress, and has thus made of this his roadmap for the remaining of his mandate. The aim is to create a “credible, balanced, and inclusive” committee with 150 members from civil society, and for that, all three countries have each presented the names of 50 possible members. Nevertheless, de Mistura said on Sunday: “The last word is with us, with the UN, not with any country, as good and as powerful as they may be”, and thus, high-level officials are seeking the UN’s blessing on their joint proposal, after diplomats said on Monday 17 December that they are “close to an agreement” to form the committee.