24 May 2019 Over 130 migrants disembark in Lampedusa

On 24 May, a boat with 56 people arrived in front of the Italian coasts of Lampedusa and was guided to the port of the island by the Italian coast guard. The migrants were from Morocco, Algeria, Syria, Libya, Gambia and Bangladesh, according to the Italian News Agency ANSA. On 23 May, after the NGO Sea Watch launched an alarm, 80 migrants were rescued by the Libyan coast guard taking them back to Libya. Last week the mayor of Lampedusa, Salvatore Martello, accused the Italian government of ignoring the critical situation of the island. “We notice that the Italian ports remain open, and the arrivals of migrants to Italy continue” declared the mayor to the Italian news agency Adnkronos. According to Euronews, in the month of May at least 700 migrants arrived in Italy from the Central Mediterranean route.