20 March 2019 MSF attacks Italian Government reporting immigrants’ conditions in Libya

On 20 March, the NGO Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders) published a report denouncing the “inhumane conditions in Tripoli detention center”, and accused both Italian and European authorities to overlook the situation. In its report, the NGO describes the situation as an “uncontrolled, unjustified, and reckless system that puts the lives of refugees and migrants at risk”. Karline Kleijer, MSF’s head of emergencies, also talked about “31 people locked up in a small room measuring just 4.5 meters by 5 meters, allowing only 0.7 square meters of space per person. There was no space to lie down […]”. At the end of her statement, she turns to European authorities and claims that they are “contributing to this suffering through [its] policies”. Marco Berotto, head of the MSF advocate, attacked directly the Italian Government stating that Roma has “for the first time written on white that Libya is a sanctuary, but international and maritime laws, many UN reports, and what our doctors testify in detention centers, say exactly the opposite”. He referred to the Ministerial Directive, published on 19 March, in which Interior Minister/Deputy PM Matteo Salvini instructed Italian security forces to reject the disembarkation of rescue vessels considering that both Tunisian and Libyan ports are considered “place of safety” by Italy.