7 November 2018 Italian Senate passes strong anti-migrant decree

On 7 November, the Italian executive managed to get the Senate´s support for Salvini’s strong hand decree against immigration. Out of 241 deputies, 163  have backed the Interior Minister’s decree (59 deputies were against and 19 abstained), which, among others, removes residence permits based on humanitarian grounds, considered until now one of the main reasons for seeking asylum. Residency permits will now be awarded under stricter conditions such as a one-year “special protection” status or a six-month “natural disaster in country of origin” one. On his Twitter account, Salvini qualified the voting as a “historic day”, whereas the Italian Refugee Council stated: “The abolition of humanitarian protection will put thousands of people outside the law and only a very few can be repatriated.” In order to be passed, however, the decree has still to be approved by the chamber of deputies, which has until the end of November to vote.