15 March 2019 Israeli airstrikes on Gaza after rockets fired towards Tel Aviv

On 15 March, Israeli authorities announced to have bombed Hamas targets in Gaza in response to two rockets fired towards Tel Aviv on 14 March. Hamas leaders denied the responsibilities for the strikes and Israeli Media, including Ha’aretz and Channel 7 News, spoke about a possible mistake in the rockets that targeted Tel Aviv in which no Israeli citizen got injured. Also, other smaller Gaza armed factions such as Islamic Jihad and the Popular Resistance Committees denied responsibility on the attack. This is the first time that the warning sirens sound in Tel Aviv after the war in 2016. It comes one month before the Israeli general elections in which Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu will try to hold a fifth mandate. After the strikes, the right-wing candidate Naftali Bennett announced that “The time has come to defeat Hamas once and for all”, referring to his intention to eliminate Hamas chiefs. Benny Gantz, the center-left Netanyahu’s opponent reacted declaring that “Only aggressive, harsh action will restore the deterrence that has eroded” under the prime minister’s watch.