10 November 2019 Israel returns to Jordan two parcels of land

On 10 November, Israel officially returned to Jordan two parcels of land under Jordanian sovereignty that were being used by Israeli farmers since decades. The peace treaty allowed the farmers to keep using them for a period of 25 years. The return takes place one year after Jordanian authorities decided not to renew the annexes of the peace treaty dealing with the lands of al-Baqoura and al-Ghamr. However, Jordan committed to respect the ownership rights of Israelis with properties in al-Baqoura, although now they will have to go through the normal border crossing process. This action contributes to appease tensions between both countries that have been mounting for weeks due to the fact that Israel maintained two Jordanian citizens under administrative arrest without charges. The two youngsters, Hiba al-Labadi and Abdul Rahman Miri, were finally freed on 6 November after Jordan recalled its ambassador to Israel in order to pressure Israeli authorities.