11 November 2019 Iraq protests continue despite a fierce repression by security forces

Protests in Iraq continue unabated despite fierce clashes with security forces. From 260 to 319 persons, according to different sources, have died since the protests broke out last October and over 15,000 have resulted injured as a result of the Iraqi security forces use of live ammunition, tear gas and sound bombs to clear protest sites, according to Human Rights Watch.. On 9 November, PM Mahdi acknowledged the role of the protests in leading the government to “reform and accept change” but he said that it was the time to return to “normal life”. Mahdi also stated that “electoral reforms” would be announced in the upcoming days. The European Union has criticized the excessive use of force against protestors and has called for restrain. Besides, Federica Mogherini, the EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy, declared that the EU “expects perpetrators of all violations to be held accountable”. Also the United Nations and the United States have criticized the harsh repression.