3 July 2023

In Memoriam of Roberto Aliboni

The EuroMeSCo network mourns the loss of Roberto Aliboni. Roberto was an esteemed colleague at the Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI). Throughout his extensive career as a researcher and advocate for Euro-Mediterranean partnerships, Roberto played a pivotal role in envisioning and launching the Mediterranean Study Commission (MeSCo) in 1994, which would ultimately become the EuroMeSCo network that it is today. Our network of experts and research institutes spanning the Mediterranean region stands as a testament to his visionary contributions.

Roberto’s expertise and friendly demeanor earned him respect and admiration all over the Mediterranean. His works continue to serve as a point of reference for generations dedicated to fostering dialogue and cooperation in the region. Roberto Aliboni’s legacy will be remembered with affection for his wealth of knowledge and approachability.

We take this opportunity to express our appreciation for the work of IAI and for our cooperation.

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