11 November 2019 In Lebanon, protesters continue demanding the ruling elite to step down

Despite Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s resignation on 29 October, protests continue in Lebanon. Protesters demand all the ruling and economic elite to step down, including the President Michel Aoun. Despite the non-sectarian character of the protests, some groups of supporters of the both the President as well as Hezbollah have organized separate rallies. Meanwhile, protesters are shifting their strategy, and moving from road-blocking and barricades to organize sit-ins at state-affiliated institutions, including several ministries but also headquarters of important economic corporations and entities. On 9 November, Lebanon’s grand mufti and the Maronite Patriarch, the Lebanese top religious authorities, called for a new emergency government to meet people’s demands. Hassan Nasrallah, leader of Hezbollah, has multiplied his speeches with regards to the ongoing protests in the country. The leader of Hezbollah has called on the judiciary to be “brave” and persecute all corruption cases, starting by his own party. He also declared that they do not feel obliged to take any position with regards to the ongoing negotiations for the new cabinet. According to Arab News, this week will be key with regards to the formation of the new government of technocrats claimed by the streets.